Gas Leak

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Gas Leak Detection and Repair


Even though gas leaks are dangerous, they may be caused by general wear and tear with the fittings. This means that gas might be leaking below the structure of your home, underground, or into your walls. Remember that gas leaks are never something that you should take lightly. Unfortunately, merely relying on your sense of smell may not be enough to determine whether you have a natural gas leak.

A two-part problem

A gas leak is not only dangerous for your loved ones because of the chemical smell and the ability to cause an explosion, but many homeowners find that they are paying disproportionate utility bills because of the escaped gas. At Vegas-Plumbing, we have seen examples of some families paying increased utility bills for upwards of five years before they realized that a problem existed. Just imagine how many dollars were wasted on the gas bill during that time.

Call the professionals

If you believe that you have a gas leak, it is important to call the professionals at Vegas-Plumbing to help you with your gas leak problems. Our qualified team of gas detection specialists is able to find even subtle gas leaks, making it safe to go back to your home again. By using a manometer, our staff is quickly able to determine whether you have a gas leak on your premise. The manometer detects the pressure in gas lines, which makes identifying a problem far easier.

Things you can do if you believe you have a gas leak

We recommend getting out of the home and calling Vegas-Plumbing as quickly as possible if you believe that you have a gas leak. If you have the option to do it yourself (without putting yourself in jeopardy), it is a good idea to turn off the gas valve before you make the call to Vegas-Plumbing. Alternatively, you may have to call your utility provider to do it for you if you are unable to do it yourself.While it does not ‘solve’ the problem, it does reduce the immediate danger of the problem with your gas leak becoming worse.

Our professional plumbers are able to install gas lines with corrugated stainless steel pipes, iron pipes, and polyethylene pipes. If you believe that you may have a gas leak problem, be sure to call the professionals at Vegas-Plumbing to help take care of it.

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Top 5 reasons to call Vegas-Plumbing for all gas leaks

  • Free Gas Leak Detection and Repair Phone Estimate
  • No risk or hidden fees
  • Immediate Gas Leak Detection and Repair usually in 1 hour
  • Fast, Affordable and Friendly Plumbers 7 Day Service
  • Good Reputation for Quality & Professionalism

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